My Spouse is Looking up Old Flames.  Is my Marriage in Trouble?

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Marriage and Facebook/ Happier Marriage in Towson Maryland

Marriage and Facebook / Happier Marriage in Towson Maryland As a marriage and couples therapist, I’ve had countless clients tell me they have “caught” their spouse looking up an old flame, and they want to know if their marriage is in trouble. The short answer is yes—but probably not for the reasons you’re thinking. In the age of social media, … Read More

What’s Happening to me? After an Affair. How Betrayals can cause Trauma | Infidelity Counseling, Lutherville, MD

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Infidelity Counseling Lutherville, MD

Infidelity Counseling Lutherville, MD  & Couples Therapy Works by Darina Alban LCSW-C “Its been many weeks since discovery day”, in some ways it feels like it just happened. As I help couples with Infidelity Counseling in Lutherville, MD, I often hear stories like these: I cried all the tears I could cry, felt devastated, out of control, overwhelmed and broken at … Read More