Therapy for you:

“If you plan on being anything less then what you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life” Maslow

Let’s talk about therapy, our favorite subject. In our eyes therapy is a creative, collaborative process where two minds meet, sit together, feel, think, talk, move, express, collaborate, agree, disagree, understand, and orbit closer with the goal of clarity, understanding, relief, peace, excitement, insight, and hope.

Therapy is where the therapist you learn to trust is your vault, someone who can, not only keep your information safe, someone that makes you feel normal (because all thoughts and emotions are normal). Your therapist is the person who will sit with you, no matter how big your feelings are and hold the space for you to feel them, talk about them, cry about them, think about them – connect the dots; decide what you will or not do; decide what is your truth, purpose, and meaning.

Therapy is where you will be challenged to keep your goal, your promise to yourself to respond differently, with care; be purposeful; move slower; be kinder to yourself; be more accepting of yourself.

Therapy also is where you learn all about your inner critic, the annoying feeling/thought in your head or your body that serves multiple purposes. We definitely mess with the critic because the purpose of your inner critic is often old and useless and only makes you feel anxious and self-conscious.

Therapy is where you gain respect for yourself and every part of your personality. We are our memory, our relationships shape us, we shape us, our experiences shape us. Therapy will also shape you and bring about change.

“People need people – for initial and for continued survival, for socialization, for the pursuit of satisfaction. No one – not the dying, not the outcast, not the mighty – transcends the need for human contact.”    Irvin Yalom

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