Is your partner blurring boundaries in your relationship?

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blurring boundaries in your relationship

What do you remember learning about “boundaries” from your family growing up? Probably more than you realize. Many of us learn early in life not to grab toys out of another child’s hand, or to knock before entering a room with the door closed. The specific lessons themselves, while important, are not the whole story. How we learn about boundaries is … Read More

My partner had an affair……

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I talk to people about relationships for a living. At least for the last 15 years I have. So I decided to write a little bit about the greatest pain a relationship can face: an Affair. An affair feels like a broken heart, a slap in the face, a rug pulled from underneath you, the biggest uncertainty you’ve ever felt; … Read More

Marriage and Individual Teletherapy in MD and PA – Mara Katz, MSW, LCSW-C

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Telehealth with Darina Alban

Last 6 months many of us have been stuck together 24hours a day, having to assume multiple new roles (working from home while caring for children and preparing all meals and now providing education for our children). Life is still completely upside down, routines are hard to form, privacy and time alone is compromised, and our list of priorities is … Read More

Why can’t I forgive the affair?

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Affair Therapy

By Mara Katz LCSW-C Trauma is characterized by events that overwhelm “normal” or relied upon coping strategies and is worsened by a sense of isolation. No one is prepared to learn that their intimate partner has been unfaithful and, in spite of fantasies about how we would respond in such a situation, the reality is much more complicated. Infidelity tends … Read More

What’s Happening to me? After an Affair. How Betrayals can cause Trauma | Infidelity Counseling, Lutherville, MD

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Infidelity Counseling Lutherville, MD

Infidelity Counseling Lutherville, MD  & Couples Therapy Works by Darina Alban LCSW-C “Its been many weeks since discovery day”, in some ways it feels like it just happened. As I help couples with Infidelity Counseling in Lutherville, MD, I often hear stories like these: I cried all the tears I could cry, felt devastated, out of control, overwhelmed and broken at … Read More

I came clean about my affair | Couples Counseling Lutherville MD

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Couples Counseling Lutherville, MD

I came clean about my affair, but my partner keeps pressing me for details… part of the series for Couples Counseling Lutherville MD You had an affair, and now your spouse knows about it. Whether you got “caught” or confessed on your own, your spouse is hurt and upset, and won’t stop asking you uncomfortable questions about your affair. No matter … Read More