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Welcome to Our Practice

Welcome to our Practice. We are a group of compassionate, down-to-earth, savvy, highly trained professionals specializing in helping Baltimore – Washington area professionals to live the best lives and relationships possible.

We know your lives are busy, but we also know that creating a full, authentic life with deep, fulfilling relationships and inner peace is something you are after. We have created a unique modern practice with the most up-to-date expertise to assist you in getting the life you want.

We work with professionals: doctors, lawyers, professors, entrepreneurs, nurses, engineers, project managers… and lets not forget stay at home parents (professionals in raising the next generations of professionals) all who value good mental health as a way to not settle in life, to continue to dream, and to live a life worth telling stories about.

Together we look at your fears and obstacles and seek, not only to understand them, but to change them so you can better understand yourself and condition your responses to become someone who can’t be surprised by your own reactions to life. We get you and will help you to get yourself fully, live your best life, and enjoy the best relationships.

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We're Now Located At: 2 Hamill Rd, East Quad Building, Suite 400, Baltimore, MD 21210

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Our Style and what we Believe in.

Its all about relationships: Why? Because alone, we age faster. We get depressed, fearful, anxious, and miserable. If we don’t have secure, kind, caring, fulfilling relationships we continue in misery throughout our lives, chasing happiness – buying stuff or piling on lots of activities just to feel a part of something.

If you are coming to individual therapy, we begin with the relationship you have with yourself: the way you see yourself internally, in the world, and in your intimate and professional relationships. This is a really intriguing, cool process because through this differentiation, you get to know, understand, and disable your inner critic; imprints of your parents and previous relationship that impacted on how you think, move, and behave. We look at therapy as training for a marathon. It involves trusting your stamina; pacing yourself; understanding the technique your using; knowing how to breathe, motivate, and rest. We are your personal mental health trainers, not a band-aid.

We don’t believe that people come to therapy because they have (or are) a problem. We believe people come to therapy because they are smart and curious. They want to understand the events in life and their reactions. They want to learn to respond, not react, and feel a sense of control, because they deserve to live a life that feels safe and secure.

You deserve better, fuller, peaceful, fulfilling life and we are here to support you on this journey.

Although we focus on wide range of problems, we are especially interested in helping people who are motivated to reach better understanding of their inner self and partner with us on working hard to achieve not only optimal  mental health but also optimal and secure relationships.

If life threw extra stress at you, we are trained and skilled to help with the following problems:

  • Relationship Problems: interpersonal relationship stress, affair recovery, blended family problems, Premarital Counseling
  • Understanding why you had an affair and doing the work it takes to feel good about yourself
  • Trauma, post discovering your partner having an affair
  • Wanting a better relationship
  • Wanting to leave a relationship
  • Anxiety, stress, feeling overwhelmed, underappreciated, or misunderstood
  • Perfectionism, Self Criticism, Faulty Coping Strategies
  • Mid-life crises
  • Problem alcohol use – drinking as a way to escape emotions, drinking to cope with stress
  • Life transitions and adjustments
  • Taking things to the next level via coaching
  • Situational Depression due to a life changing event or stressful situation

Our goals and philosophy

We hire only the most compassionate, down-to-earth, kind therapists and all around good people. One of our most important goals as a practice is to bring you the most up to date treatment that is available.  We invest lots of time and energy in training our therapists because our belief is that the more we know as therapists the more efficient and precise we become in helping you. We don’t want to guess. We hire therapists with years of experience, so you know that the professional sitting in front of you not only has the best training, they also have seen the problem you are experiencing before and know exactly what to do. All our therapists are trained and experienced in treating trauma. Trauma is everywhere – big, small, simple, complicated. We don’t hide from it, we find it and talk about it. We love our work – can you tell? We have been therapists for a long time. All our therapist trained at highly reputable institutions such as Johns Hopkins Hospital, Sheppard Pratt Hospital, Gottman Institute, Center for Excellence in EFT, and PACT institute.

We believe that therapy brings about inner peace, comfort, relief and hope.

This means that our therapists:

  • Will not Judge you
  • Will support you in Your Goals (not their goals for you)
  • Will always be kind to you, but also honest and direct
  • Won’t push medications on you
  • Will help you look at deep parts of you and address it
  • Will use evidence based methods and interventions
  • Will help you get clarity on your dreams and help define the life you envision for yourself
  • Will sit with your emotions with you, not rush you ever
  • Will always remember your name, your story, and your family names
  • Will make you feel you that you matter to us because you do. Your story matters, your dreams, your goals, your family matters to us
  • Will respond to you timely, because we know what’s it like to wait for a return phone call

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